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Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Vintage

At first Imperfect Shapes® was born from an unexpected love affair between me and a detail in the popular painting “Pala di Montefeltro” by Piero della Francesca: The hanging…Egg!

A long and very personal (r)evolution took place. After extensive research of an aesthetic ideal and the intimate elegance of the past, this intuition developed into a contemporary project.

My need for innovation has always urged me to travel to find new inspiration, pure oxygen for my interests and creativity. These rarely slow down.

My desire to experiment and to measure myself led me to the creation of special jewels, ones which could evoke innate elegance and a sophisticated simplicity.

Entirely handmade, using craft techniques and applying attention to every detail, my jewelry often has imperfect shapes and emotional appeal, hence the name, inspired by the ever-changing beauty of nature…

The egg, chosen as the logo for the brand, has always been considered symbolic, mystical and the bearer of life. It holds and protects up to maturation, as ideas do. Its shape is not as “perfect” as a circle, but at the same time, it’s quintessential.

The ancient philosophy of Wabi-Sabi has offered me deep inspiration. Its aesthetic ideal of beauty never exalts distinct figures or colors. Instead, it always embraces imperfections, softness in organic shapes, and the variations that over time constantly alter their appearance.

Imperfect Shapes® focuses part of its collection on the egg, reinterpreting its form as a jewel.

Some other works are inspired by natural elements revealing my sensitivity to volume, texture and contrast.

When completed, a small niche is dedicated to one-of-a-kind pieces. The design of these jewels is derived from a unique creative process inspired by elements of the past. They become part of a new framework, stressing the difference and the fine balance between the jewel itself and the ancient element which has inspired it.

Precious gold and silver along with bronze are often considered incompatible, but when mismatched or applied to vintage or unusual pieces, the result is a curious and interesting combo.

A distinctive characteristic that brings all Imperfect Shapes® elements together, with no exceptions, is that every piece, every jewel is hand-finished, one by one. That’s the reason you will never find one just like it anywhere. Indeed, their peculiarities and details are emphasized in order to accentuate the extraordinary personality each piece has.