Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Artigianali
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Imperfect Shapes – Artisanal Jewelry

“I make artisanal jewellery, peculiar and entirely handmade. Drawing my inspiration from my personal and intuitive vision of the world, even from my everyday life, I create jewels full of love for volumes, organic textures and contrasts. I use craft techniques, taking care of all details. My handmade creations have deliberately emotional and imperfect shapes, hence the brand
name, and they are inspired by Nature and her endless change.My jewelry represents a new concept of luxury: the Handcraft.
Every piece is unique, because handmade and can have personalized details, completely opposed to the industrial mass production, which is homogeneous and impersonal. 

Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Design
Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Design

…My ideal of beauty is very close to the beauty expressed in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, where everything is changed by the flowing of time, making every object special, alive with a own past. It’s a praise to imperfection and its beauty.

Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Vintage
Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli artigianali
pannelli isolanti acustici
Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli Vintage
Imperfect Shapes - Gioielli fatti a mano

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Imperfect Shapes – Vintage Handmade Jewelry

“Sometimes it happens to find different elements, old or vintage, with far roots, able to raise peculiar feelings. So, I create a niche production made of one-of-a-kind and vintage jewels, born from a creating process inspired by the past, but taken into a contemporary setting with a new soul and a delicate opposition between old and new.

A unique design jewel is moulded, out of any time, modern and uncommon. Succeeding in turning “Ordinary” into “Extra-Ordinary” is pure magic to me…